Speak Up! is a community engagement process designed to gather feedback and input on various key issues affecting Batavia Public Library. Over the course of four community engagement sessions, participants heard foundational, informational presentations on the following topics, the fourth of which was a review of key ideas and recommendations:


• Your Library Today: The State of the Library 2018
• Focus on the Future: Trends in Libraries
• Stewards of the Public’s Investment
• Did We Hear You Correctly?

Speak Up! participants then provided thoughts and feedback to the Library by working in small groups on tasks associated with the session topic.


The following report, “Summary of Key Ideas and Recommendations to the Board of Library Trustees,” expresses the general agreement of Speak Up! participants regarding what they believe to be key points to consider in developing a long-range plan for Batavia Public Library. It is important to note that these key ideas and recommendations are based on a sample of the Library population that attended Speak Up! sessions. As such, while the Facilitating Team found points of correlation between these findings and the 2014 Telephone Survey—in fact, the Speak Up! findings affirm the results of the 2014 Telephone Survey—the Facilitating Team recommends that a comprehensive feedback mechanism be employed to gather broader community input on potential solutions, especially for items that require larger expenditures.



Meet the Team 


Facilitating Team Leaders

Kathryn Hubbard

Daniel Russo


Community Members  

Mazher Ahmed

Abby Beck

Carl Dinwiddie

Ellen Huxtable

Michele Martzel

Buzz Miller

Shirley Mott

Hannah Nickelson

Christine Olsen

Father Mike Rasicci


Library Members

George H. Scheetz, Library Director

Jo Ann Smith, Library Trustee

Shelby Cunningham

Mary Fee

Pat Leonard

Lou Tice

Joanne Zillman















Session 1


Videa - Your Library Today

Executive Summary


Session 2


Video - Focus on the Future: Trends in Libraries

Executive Summary


Session 3


Video - Stewards of the Public’s Investment

Executive Summary

Capital Asset Study (2017)

Session 4

Video - Did We Hear You Correctly?

Executive Summary: Key Ideas and Recommendations


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